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Saratravel will give you the most of our experience in Serbia by taking you on city tours and visits to the most beautiful landscapes in Eastern Serbia. Our focus is on quality and good dining, offering you the best restaurants and kafanas to try out Serbian traditional dishes. We’ve spent years finding unique places, and we choose only the best for your taste.


Saratravel can tailor programs to your liking or you can choose from programs that we currently offer:

– City tour
– Wine tour
– Combined tour Monastery tour
– Winter skiing tour
– Adventure tour
– Sport tour
– Great Balkan tour

About Serbia

Due to its unique position, connecting Near East and Central Europe, Serbia has always been an area of intense contact between different cultures. In the Roman period, the country’s name was Media or the Middle Land.


The oldest European civilization, Vincan civilization, was born in the area of Serbian capital, Belgrade, making it the oldest urban region in Europe, 7 500 years old. Belgrade is, also, known as “The gate of Europe” being the most frequently conquered and demolished European city. It was destroyed and rebuilt about 40 times.


Predominantly Christian Orthodox identity, strongly influenced by Islam and Catholicism, makes Serbia extremely dynamic country, with inspiring history and rich culture. Its beautiful, diverse nature and climate, as well as the land ideal for delicious food and wine, make it a country one

Customer Review

  • Awesome and very enthusiastic, would definitely recommend.

  • The service was great , they knew their way around and they were very equiped with educational information, definitely enjoyed the service and highly recommend!

  • First time in Serbia, I wanted to reach Midjor mountain top. What a good trip!!! Great service, the team was very friendly. The tour guide bring us to unexpected spots with breath taking viwes from Ritanj . We stayed 3 nights in Belagrade and I learned so much about their culture.
    I really enjoy and recommend it.
    An amazing experience !!!


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